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The times are a-changing, and so too are our welcome gifts for new residents. The HOA Board was able to get a wonderful deal on a welcome gift pack, and we wanted to offer a chance for existing residents to grab one for themselves with some lovely branding (thanks to our own Chrissy Wright). Items include the World’s Best Pizza Cutter®, jar opener, and an Alligator/Bag Clip. We are able to offer these to existing residents for $7.00 - a great deal, with similar pizza cutters going for $11.99+!  


We are Pinehurst!
Nestled in the heart of Cranberry Township, the fully developed Pinehurst neighborhood, boasts 12 streets 265 homes. Pinehurst enjoys its close proximity with North Boundary Park and all its amenities. This exceptional neighborhood has walking trails, picnic area with outdoor fireplace, a playing field as well as many annual social events.

Want to walk the trails?  Click on the link below to see the map.
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News Articles
Pinehurst Neighbors Directory of Services
Posted on Nov 5th, 2021
Board of Directors Meetings
Posted on Jun 9th, 2021
The Pinehurst Homeowners Association has Board of Director meetings the 3rd Tuesday of each month at 6:30pm.  
If any member would like to attend, please contact Tina at CCM (tina@cranberrypm.com)
Posted on Feb 17th, 2021
As a reminder to all homeowners, fireworks are NOT permitted on common ground and not within 150 feet of a structure.
If fireworks are used and if you feel fear of damage to your property or feel danger of harm to persons, please contact the Cranberry Township Police Department.